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Fargestifter is the personal site of Thomas Hammer, 24 years of age, part time college student, and web designer working in-house at Norwegian tele-service company EasyConnect in Bergen.

Fargestifter is where I tie all my loose web ends together. It’s my place for bits and pieces, pretty pictures, and various writing.

But what is «Fargestifter»?

The word is Norwegian and means colored pencils. The pencils used to be the first step of my creative process when making web pages, but they’re too much to carry around. Now I use my favorite pen and a «reliable pocket size travel companion for sketches, thoughts and passing notes.» You never know when that inspiration comes!

Blog. Weblog. Journal.

This semester I’m taking a class at the University of Bergen named Web design and web esthetiques. My Norwegian blog Blanke ark is part of the exam.

I like having a place to broadcast my views and opinions, links to stuff that interest me, and a web page to play around with.

What I love about web design

Photo: Hildegunn on a snowboard

Design is solving problems, art is expressing yourself. Web design has to do with both, while on this site I have the liberty to express myself without any constraints.

Always the one exception

There’s one exception, but she’s not a constraint, merely… inspiration. She’s Hildegunn, my fantastic fiancé, and she kind of serves as co-art director. She’s the one who tells me when I’m completely off…

The great thing about web design is that it combines the artistic and the scientific. As Dave Shea says, it’s «a great way to reconcile the artistic and logical halves of my brain.»

When doing web design, I get to work with as different aspects as art direction, information architecture, usability, programming, and copy writing. It’s a perfect mix.

Thank you for listening.

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