If Hammer had a weblog

A couple of times I’ve experienced something, seen something or heard something and thought: If I had a weblog, I’d definately write about this! Like the precious moment I overheared an elderly lady explaining to her friend how easy it was to communicate with other elderlies in Australia using Instant Messaging. Or tell about my indignation when I got my laptop stolen from the pews in church. 

If I had a weblog I’d post a couple of snapshots every now and than, like this picture of the amazing graphitti recently done on a legal wall at the Bergen Art Hall. The snapshots would be of limited quality (and all taken in broad daylight) since I would be using my newly aquired Mustek Gsmart Mini3. 

I’ve always had a Hammer, and have never needed to worry about the concern in the old song. Now I have a weblog too, and from now on, the world gets to know it all—it will never be the same.